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A Great lesson learned from working for a Student Loan Company

student loan company

Working for a student loan company is quite a racket. Think about it. The students come to you when they are just out of high school. They are fresh-faced, idealistic, and quite naive. They get student loans without any thought of how they will repay them. They go off to school, spend four years partying and occasionally studying, and get out into the business world.  It is then when the student loans Company strikes.

Don't get me wrong – often, it turns out okay.  When the economy is good, students tend to have very little difficulty paying the student loan company back. Right now, however, things are pretty bleak. That means bad things for this crop of students, but very good things for the people running the student loan company.

 If you are seeking out the services of a student loan consolidation company, you had better beware. I speak from experience. You see, I work in a student loan company. A lot of people don't realize it, but some of the same people who own the student loan companies also are involved with the student loan consolidation companies. In other words, when you fall behind on your student loans payments, you pay more money to the same company under a different name to consolidate your loans and decrease your payments. Of course, there is very little proof of this as it goes on behind the scenes, but nevertheless it does sometimes happen.

If there is one thing that working for a student loan company has taught me, it may be in some cases that it is always better to borrow from the government then from a private lender. If you can get a student loan grant from the government, you have all kinds of options available to you. You can defer payments until you are done with school, you can renegotiate your student loan debts – the possibilities are almost unlimited if you really get into trouble. If you work with a student loan company, however, once you get into financial hardships it is pretty much over. Your student loan payments will get higher and higher, and you will be unable to climb out of debt.

That is why, when working with student loan companies, it is important to know your rights. Many students avoid talking to a financial expert because it costs extra money, but in my opinion it is well worth it. After all, in this country you really need an expert to tell you your rights. The laws are too complicated for anyone to understand without formal training. 

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