Student Loans Without Cosigners
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College Work Study is a no Cosigner Student Loan

college work study is a no cosigner student loan

College Work Study is essentially a no Cosigner Student Loan. This is where undergraduates and graduate students alike can essentially work while they're in school. It is a federally subsidized work study program. Students can reduce their needed college loans by work study programs. This is usually offered to them in their financial aid award letter. Most jobs can be found on campus and for the most part low stress type jobs. Sometimes students can get some reading or homework done while working such as while working in the campus library or a guard station. A college work study program also can be off campus by participating private non-profit organizations or public state agencies that have special arrangements with that college. Students get paid minimum wage hourly wages and cannot work more then awarded to them in there financial award letter. Work Study funds are limited so apply early so you can be at the top of the College Federal Work Study list in receiving this Grant.  Don't get discouraged if you do not receive any Work-Study aid because there are plenty of jobs in and around campus that need to be filled by the graduating class. Get a head start and take a ride to campus early before school starts and apply to as many places as possible. Make sure you have a brief resume to hand in along with your application so they have more to base there hiring decision on then just the rest of there job applications to choose from. It just might make the difference!

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