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Private Loans for Students are not Federally Sponsored

 private loans for students

While government funded student loans are some of the most popular financing options for college because of their low student loan interest rate features, in some cases students may need to access additional funding or find a private alternative student loans options if they do not qualify for a federal student loan. In these cases, private loans for students can be quite advantageous. Private student loans are also known as alternative education loans and are offered by private lenders. Funds are provided directly to the student, rather than routed through the education institution the student attends. Due to the fact that such loans are not related to the federal government, prospective borrowers are not required to complete any federal forms such as the FAFSA in order to apply for the loan. Prospective borrowers will normally be asked to complete the lender’s application form; however, this can typically be handled in a simple and hassle-free manner on-line. Once approved, students and families may be able to receive the proceeds of their loan in as little as a week or less. There are several key advantages to private loans for students:

  • Borrowers may be eligible to receive more funding than is traditionally available through a government funded student loan.
  • Parents can defer repayment until the student has left college (not available with a federal student loan.)
  • Loans are available for certification programs and specialized training courses that might not participate in federally funded student loan programs.
While these advantages can be very attractive, students and families considering private student loans should be aware that there are also disadvantages:
  • private student loan rates are usually higher with private alternative student loans due to the fact that the loan is not guaranteed by the federal government.
  • Students will not usually be eligible for student loan loan forgiveness programs if they choose to enlist in the military or participate in Peace Corps or public service.
  • Loans approval is based on student or family’s credit rating-may result in rejection or higher interest rates
  • Some lenders may charge application or origination fees.

A private bank student loan will have higher rates, fees and costs associated with the loan with less pay back flexibility. With good credit or a student loan co-signer on the student loan, rates may be much better.

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Private Educational Loan
Some families turn to private education loans when the federal loans don't provide enough money or when they need more flexible repayment options.