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Bad Credit Student Loans no Cosigner

bad credit student loans no cosigner

Sadly many students never pursue the dream of obtaining a college degree or going on to graduate school because they believe their lack of credit will prevent them from receiving the financial aid they need to attend college. They don't realize that there are student loans for students with no credit. The truth is that little or no credit will not stand in the way of a prospective student receiving the financial aid they need to go to college. Bad credit student loans no cosigner is available for such situations and is actually provided by the federal government. One of the best options available for students in need of a student loan with very little or no credit is the subsidized direct stafford student loan. This loan is backed by the federal government and the government will actually pay the interest on the loan while the student is in school. In addition, the interest rates tend to be quite low and several repayment plans are offered. The only disadvantage is that students must present a financial need in order to qualify. Another option is the unsubsidized Stafford loan. While students do not need to present a financial need in order to qualify for this loan, they are responsible for the interest that accrues on the loan while they are in school. The good news is that the interest can be capitalized. Like the subsidized Stafford loan, the unsubsidized loan comes with several repayment options and a low interest rate. With both of these loan options, students can generally receive the benefit of a generous grace period; giving them the ability to get a job and a handle on their bills following graduation before payments on the loans begin. Another option for students looking for bad credit student loans with no cosigner to consider is the Federal Perkins Loan. It is also a low interest loan that is offered by the federal government. Like the Subsidized Stafford Loan, students must present a financial need in order to qualify for this loan. The amount of money that students can receive through these loans depend on two major factors:
  • grade level in school
  • whether the student qualifies as an independent or dependent student

Generally, students in advanced levels in school and independent students will qualify to receive larger loan amounts.

Bad credit student loans without a cosigner are more readily accessible then people with bad credit realize. The federal government has created these above federally subsidized and unsubsidized programs for everybody regardless of credit history. 

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Bad Credit No Cosigner Student Loans are also Federal Perkins Loans.

  1. students loans with bad credit
    Before you write off continuing your education because of past credit problems, you may want to consider a students loans with bad credit.
  2. student loans with bad credit and no cosigner
    Are there student loans with bad credit and no cosigner. This is a very common question, and fortunately the answer is a positive one for someone with bad credit in need of a college loan.